School Management Software- Modernized ERP for all Schools

With School management software one can aim to ease administrative error free along with effectual productivity. Their solution is cloud based and supports several modernized technologies evaluated as online payment gateway, smart cards, bio-metric, mobile applications, notified emails etc. Our school management software eventually nimble and can be modified according to the requirements within stipulated time period.

Why our School Management Software?

Swavish Softwares truly believes in evolvement of administrative activities automated. In schools one can have comprehensive outcomes and managerial activities constantly. At schools one can have comprehensive subjects along with complicated exam pattern which might be quite complicated.

Best Indulgence for Swavish softwares instantly

  • Empowering teachers through learning platform.
  • Parents and students are in interconnectivity of all times and one can mange entire things via SMS, email and Mobile applications.
  • Saves time and e-reports for the button.
  • Neglect spontaneously task of department.
  • ERP software will manage entire functionalities in school
  • Trace students en route.
  • Graceful website presence to cabinet school vision for education.
  • Quickly manage library accessioning and circulation effectually.

What are features of School ERP?

Multiple operational functionalities

The arrangement gives the office of utilization of cloud based school ERP by numerous individuals in light of their jobs, by signing in subsequently, abstaining from overburdening. The whole staff and personnel of the school can oversee exercises and modules relegated to them through their login.


The UI being anything but difficult to utilize and very intelligent encourages distinctive clients at school to oversee tasks productively with no specialized assistance from a designer.

Customized Modules and interface

Modules gave are interlinked and adjustable i.e. can be custom-made by the prerequisites of the school. The managerial leader of the school can have an entrance to all activities that are being handled, classified or recorded.

Energy Saving and cost-efficient

Web based services has functionality to originate reports, receipts along with challans via software. This report can be visualized in PDF, Excel, Word and other formats.

Email Integration and SMS

This plug in is basically utilized to send SMS and email to parents in daily activities. One can inform parents, guardians about events examinations & reports.

Instant Support

With swavish software support is available online and one can avail 24*7 assistance for any technical support constantly. These services are proffered by stable user friendly to troubleshoot constantly.

School Management Software for Diversified Boards

  • State Board of Examinations - Each state in India has its own particular leading group of instruction those behaviors authentication examinations for classes X to XII. The educational modules and co-curricular exercises, of each state board depend on the local history and significance.
  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) - Each state in India has its own leading body of instruction those behaviors testament examinations for classes X to XII. The educational programs and co-curricular exercises, of each state board depend on the provincial history and significance.
  • Client can define exam sessions for each academic year and one can easily mange grades, exam marks to be investigated assessments.
  • Educational and grade mark scale defined for each support.

Set-Up School Management Software for Schools within limited time

Swavish Softwares is vigorous, multi-user ERP stable which is simple to utilize. The installation is speedy and data is secured on cloud server. We are trustworthy and provide troubleshooting 24*7*365 instantly.